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At Books Publishing Company, we provide a special blurb writing service that aims to give you an attention-catching book blurb to arouse the reader’s interest. Our professional authors are in a position to identify what they can produce a brief and influential blurb about your book. Namely, with our help, your book will look exquisite no matter what platform you use, including Blurb Inc.

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Increase Your Book’s Sales Using Blurb Book Marketing

Books Publishing Company proudly presents Blurb book marketing services for placing your books in the spotlight and boosting sales. A blurb marketing introduction should, therefore, involve preparing an impressive, inciting blurb that encompasses the book’s uniqueness and strengths. The professional writers of Office of Navigation design blurbs that appeal to your target market and cause your book to be picked off the shelves.

In addition to writing a great book blurb, we incorporate constituent Blurb book marketing approaches to get your work out to the public. This is crucial to ensure that you have selected the most appropriate keywords for your blurb and use social media and email marketing to expand the exposure. As part of this service, we provide tips on leveraging the blurb to market your book and make your book more appealing and interesting.

When used together, a high-quality blurb and the right blurb marketing tactics will help your book stand out from others on shelves. Our services are specifically designed to assist you in gaining more readers, selling more books, and being more successful with your Blurb book publishing endeavor. Choose Blurb book marketing services from us, and we shall assist you in getting the most out of your book.

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Our Seamless Process for Blurb Writing & Publishing

Initial Consultation

Begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your book, target audience, and goals. This helps us tailor our book blurb writing service to meet your specific needs.

Book Analysis

Our team thoroughly reviews your manuscript to identify key themes, plot points, and unique selling points. This analysis is crucial for crafting a compelling blurb that stands out in the Blurb publishing market.

Drafting the Blurb

We create an initial draft of your book blurb, focusing on capturing the essence of your book and engaging potential readers. Our writers ensure the blurb is concise, persuasive, and aligned with your vision.

Client Feedback

You review the draft and provide feedback. We value your input and make necessary revisions to ensure the blurb accurately reflects your book and meets your expectations.

Finalizing the Blurb

After incorporating your feedback, we finalize the blurb, ensuring it is polished and ready for publication. This final version is optimized for both Blurb publishing and other platforms.

Blurb Publishing Integration

We integrate the finalized blurb into your book’s Blurb publishing listing. Our team ensures the blurb is formatted correctly and effectively showcases your book’s strengths, setting it apart from Blurb competitors.

Marketing Strategy Development

Develop a marketing strategy that leverages your blurb. This includes optimizing it for search engines, social media, and email campaigns to increase visibility and attract readers.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support and updates to ensure your blurb continues to perform well in the market. Our team is always available to make adjustments and help you stay ahead of Blurb competitors.

Our Portfolio

Business Gudie

Potato (Friendship)

Potato (Friendship) is a heartwarming romance novel that explores the intricacies of high school friendships and the budding emotions that can develop between two close friends. Written by Justice Chiusano, this novel captures the essence of young love and the challenges that come with navigating relationships in adolescence. Join the characters as they discover the depths of their feelings for each other, and follow them as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. With relatable characters and a charming plot, Potato (Friendship) is a must-read for anyone who has ever experienced the joy and uncertainty of falling in love for the first time.

Business Gudie

Beyond Coaching

Have you ever wondered about the experiences a coach has gone through? Or do you face trouble with particular tasks? Well, here are some of my experiences as a coach and helping people achieve their goals. In this book, you will find relatable situations, including not having a good relationship with others or struggling with focus and concentration, but nevertheless, these challenges are common but not insurmountable, and with the right mindset and techniques, they can be effectively managed.

Business Gudie

The Push Over

Keeps you guessing until the end. A chilling, yet also heart-warming, story, brilliantly told – Creative Moment Magazine A murder mystery with a twist... we know who the murderer is, but who is the victim? As reporter Grace investigates the killing of a cyclist, memories of another murder begin to possess her - the murder she committed…

Business Gudie

To Rock Your Life

There are so many women who stay at home and spend their daily time on household chores and wondering about where all this time goes. Are you one of them? Do you want to know how to stay motivated? How to be a great model for your kids? How to use your time productively and keep on growing? Then you are holding in your hands the solution to your questions. In this compelling and moving book, Viktoriya shares the stories from her personal life and the lessons she’s learned being a scientist, a public speaker and a mother. This is more than just a book. It is the inspiration you need to be who you are. As a woman, as a mother, as an educator, as a professional, you are no less than the men around you, and you need to know that. This book has forty motivational and inspiring stories. They are not just stories. They're forty five-minute-long life-lessons, which will change your lives forever.

Business Gudie

Deadly Relations

Amanda Carter, heiress to a pharmaceutical business and a sizable land trust in Southern California, finds her father dead of a gunshot wound under suspicious circumstances. The attractive homicide detective investigating the death is ordered to close the case, and everyone around Amanda accepts the verdict of suicide. But Amanda suspects foul play and decides to do her own sleuthing.

Business Gudie

Under the Dryer.

This book is about how to take a stand as a woman! How to run a business being a woman after being told that she couldn't run a business just because she was a woman! And well, guess what? She proved them wrong! The women's community in today's world is stronger than ever before. Jean, who used to work for a salon was accused of stealing money from it, even though it wasn't her, but the husband of the owner. But who would believe Jean? That's right, no one!

Business Gudie

Way of the Warrior

Jane Sato has always been proud to be a Japanese American, but just as proud to be the librarian for Buffalo County, Wyoming. Her finest achievements are managing a library, marrying a Japanese man, divorcing him against her parent's wishes, and moving on. David Nakamura was a nice guy, but a terrible match for her. Was it too much to ask for a girl to love the man she married? With trepidation and social courage, she thought not. Asakura Yoshimasa is a samurai on a vengeance quest to kill the evil wizard that murdered his father.

Business Gudie

I Am The Haunted House

I think the house is finally settling & finally sighing with relief the ghosts aren’t gone, but I’m learning now to live with them As long as they'll let me stay

Business Gudie


Practicing clinicians have limited time to refer to detailed text for guidance and are malways in need of a resource they can reference to quickly which contains evidence based, bulleted diagnostic tools and treatment algorithms Chronic Pain I.Q. is that quick reference to guide the Healthcare Provider in the care and management of the chronic pain patient using the most up to date evidence-based practices. The guidelines used include interdisciplinary approaches, conservative management, medication management and the use of interventional procedures to manage chronic pain conditions. The treatment guidelines in this companion place an emphasis on the most conservative approaches first with a methodical escalation of treatment to more advanced and invasive approaches based on the patient’s response to the treatments.

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Explore Frequently Asked Questions

Your royalties are paid directly into your bank account. We don’t take any of your royalties. Your royalties will be NET the royalty fee charged by the outlet that sold your book; Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.

Yes, you get to choose your ink quality, paper weight and book size. We send you a list to choose from at the start of your publishing journey. Your book size is fixed once the book has been formatted. You are free to change your paper weight and ink quality at any time in the dashboard that is created for you.

This depends on the publishing plan you sign up for. When you sign up for our most comprehensive plan, you will be plugged in to one of the publishing industry’s largest global book distribution networks, including access to over 40+ top publishing platforms, independent bookstores, online stores, chain stores, eBook retailers, etc.

This depends on the publishing plan you sign up for. When you sign up for our most comprehensive plan, you will be plugged in to one of the publishing industry’s largest global book distribution networks, including access to over 40+ top publishing platforms, independent bookstores, online stores, chain stores, eBook retailers, etc.

You keep 100% of your copyright and you own your book and all associated rights entirely – that’s what separates our service apart from others. The sales and distribution accounts are setup in your name.

There are no hidden costs. All prices are quoted at the start of the publishing process.

You have complete control over setting the retail price of your book, so you are free to charge as little or as much as you like. We guide you on this aspect as part of our publishing service.

The average turnaround time is 4 to 8 weeks, but this is not guaranteed in all cases. Generally, the quicker you are in sharing your feedback and approval on our work, the quicker we can get your book published.

We use PDF proof copies of the book as they are faster and more cost effective.

You can order as many copies of your book as you like but they are charged at cost price. This means you are just charged purely for the printing and shipment cost of the books you order.

This is handled through the Print on Demand facility of the publishing platforms where we publish your book. For example, if someone orders the book on Amazon, Amazon's Print-on-Demand facility prints and distributes the book to the customer and you are paid your royalty.

Affordable Blurb Writing Services

Professional Writing of Highly-Qualitative, yet Cheap Book Blurb Services

Our service at Books Publishing Company is a quality and cheap blurb writing service that will help you promote your book effectively. Our professional writers create enticing blurbs that highlight the books’ unique qualities to attract readers. We comprehend the significance of writing pleasant text for Blurb advertising and bookselling.

Our blurb writing service aims to cater to authors needing blurb writing, especially those in Blurb Inc. and other publishing entities. With the expertise of a creative writer and a marketer, we develop effective blurbs that capture readers’ attention and compel them to buy the books. Even though we strive to deliver high-quality services, we offer our services at reasonable fees to ensure that you get value for your money. Promote your book by getting a professional book blurb today!

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